Wool Carpet Specials

At Brilliant our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality materials at the best prices.

Our Wool Carpet options start at $1.99/sq ft!

We apologize, as our extensive selection of discounted wool carpets is too large to post online as these specials are constantly changing. Please visit our showroom, or call us to discuss current options.

We purchase and negotiate direct with the carpet mill to get our clients unbelievable prices on wool carpet. All of the material on our specials are top quality and are on this list because the carpet mills need to turn over their inventory. These specials are always rotating as the materials are first come, first serve basis. The best ones do go quickly, so come check out some samples before they are gone!

Unique Carpet Mill Specials are typically 20-40% off of the standard retail price. Our wool carpet prices are extremely competitive with lesser quality synthetic options, we are able to purchase these styles in the exact quantity you desire for your project.

Godfrey Hirst Mill Specials can be up to 60% off, we have even seen some amazing deals at 75% off. These specials are a little more difficult as they need to be purchased in the amount they have, if the roll is 25′ then we have to purchase the full 25′. We recommend knowing how much carpet is needed for the project prior to looking at these options so that you are not frustrated with the process. It can be well worth the hassle for these top quality, heavily discounted wool carpet specials.