Marmoleum (Linoleum) Flooring

Linoleum is a natural sheet flooring that can be utilized in many heavy traffic situations.  Linoleum and Vinyl are often confused with each other, they are extremely different materials in composition.

Marmoleum is a brand of Linoleum and is available in sheet goods, tiles and floating plank flooring.

Linoleum is comprised of Linseed Oil, pine rosin and wood flour and the backing is natural jute. The material is 4 times stronger than the toxic, vinyl option. Furthermore, the color is through body, so if it is scratched you will see the same color and scratches or gouges can be easily repaired with minimal appearance of the repair. We have rejuvenated linoleum flooring that is over 50 years old.  This flooring can last a really long time and when it should reach the end of its life it will biodegrade, as it is an all natural product. For these reasons many of our clients find linoleum to be a great value, even when toxicity is not a consideration.

Vinyl is a toxic material comprised of Poly-Vinyl Chloride, which is a synthetic petroleum derived chemical. This material does off-gas in production, as well as during its after life in your home.  Some other pitfalls of the cheaper vinyl product is the material is top coated with an image, so if you scratch it you will see black in color underneath and your floor has basically been ruined, as vinyl is not easily repaired.  Disposing of this material creates quite the headache as the synthetic material does not easily breakdown resulting in a toxic material lasting thousands of years in a landfill. The material is quite soft and pliable, which means it is less durable compared to its linoleum counterpart.

To learn more on this subject click on the following link from the non-profit National Resource Defense Council:

Toxic Chemicals Known to Cause Harm: Vinyl Chloride

Another interesting video documentary on the toxic Poly-vinyl chloride subject:

At Brilliant we consider this such an important topic that we have elected to make our business PVC Free!

When considering the complete life of a floor you will find that linoleum will last 2-3 times longer in your home.  Furthermore, the overwhelming health benefits of linoleum should make this an easy decision when considering the well being of your family.

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