Fuez Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Countertops Bend OregonFuez is an environmentally friendly product that combines cement, fly ash, and curb-side recycled glass. You can choose any of the 28 beautiful standard products that Fuez offers, or you can create your own. We are flexible in our slabs and aggregates, shapes, colors, and sizes, giving our customers complete creative control in designing their unique Fuez surfaces.

Fuez uses up to 80% recycled materials; this includes the glass from recycled bottles, which may have come from your very own recycle bin!

FUEZ is a combination of low-carbon cement, 100% curbside recycled glass, and natural aggregate. FUEZ makes the decision to go green easy!

FUEZ products are not mined from limited natural resources, which can often be the case for marble, granite and sandstone products.


The Process

Fuez combines cement (which is 62% less carbon emitting than traditional Portland-cement), recycled glass, and stone, together with water and specialized ingredients that add strength and durability. After the slab is poured it is stored and water cured at a temperature that allows it to achieve ideal strength. Once it has cured, the slab is polished to achieve a highly reflective, naturally beautiful surface. This slab is then fabricated to fit each individual counter, vanity, hearth, floor, or shower enclosure. Fuez has grounded its process in environmental responsibility, and is constantly looking for new, creative ways to give back to the community. Fuez applies fresh thinking to standard processes; by recycling the water used in the production of FUEZ we can reduce water intake by 50%. The electricity that powers the production facility is generated by 100% wind power, helping reduce Fuez’s environmental footprint. No hazardous waste is produced in the development of FUEZ products.

The Promise

Fuez, Inc leads the building industry in sustainable surfaces for the mainstream market with a commitment to environmental stewardship, localization and life-cycle products.

FUEZ is an affordable alternative to traditional stone and other green products for designers, architects and homeowners.   FUEZ products are a beautiful addition to a home or office, and are an ideal fit for green building projects.

Visit our downtown Bend Showroom to view the many colors and options available in our recyled glass counter tops.