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Bathroom Cork Flooring, Recycled Tile Shower; River Canyon Bend, Oregon

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Our client purchased the flooring and shower materials to transform their half bathroom to a fully functional bathroom with a tiled walk in shower.  The cork flooring warmed up the space and provides a great feeling underfoot when getting out of the shower during the cold winter months.  Recycled content porcelain tile is made of a minimum 40% recycled content and is manufactured in the U.S.   This durable and easy to clean shower helps lessen the impact on our environment, while creating a useful space for the family to enjoy.

Click here for more information on our Gluedown Cork Flooring.

Click here for more information on our Recycled Content Tile Flooring.

Bathroom Cork Flooring and Recycled content Tile Shower Bend Oregon

recycled content and sustainable tile shower bend oregon

photo of cork flooring used in a bathroom remodel bend oregon

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